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Laughter Yoga for Immunity!

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The lymphatic system is a mesh-like network of very fine vessels running parallel to the venous system. It is composed of a superficial system located immediately beneath the skin and above the muscles and also a deep system that drains lymph from bones, muscles and joints. Unlike the circulatory system which has the heart to pump the blood in a continuous circle to all parts of the body, the lymphatic system has no pump, moves by inertia in a semi-circular manner, always moving toward the heart.

Basically, the lymphatic system is a highly efficient cleaning system that is the backbone of the immune system. It continuously collects waste materials from all over the body that are deposited in the tissues via blood capillaries. It then cleans that fluid and returns it back into the blood circulation. Interspersed along the lymphatic pathways, primarily in the armpit, neck, chest, abdomen and groin, are clusters of “cleaning stations”, the lymph nodes, specializing in producing white blood cells (lymphocytes) to clean the fluid, antibodies to defend against future predators, and macrophages to remove all manner of unwanted debris. The clean, healthy fluid is then returned to the blood.

So, what does laughter have to do with it? Very simply this….remember, the lymphatic system has no pump; however, it is capable of being manually moved. The largest lymphatic collecting site in the body is the thoracic duct, located immediately adjacent to the diaphragm. Research has shown that diaphragmatic breathing creates a negative pressure within the thorax, literally sucking lymph into the duct which is then shot out into the rest of the body at up to 15 times the normal flow of lymph. Laughter is the easiest and simplest form of diaphragmatic breathing!

The idea is to MOVE….move your body, move your breath. Any muscular movement will stimulate the flow of lymph, but laughter kicks it out the door! Obviously, any form of laughter is beneficial, but the sustained laughter which is experienced in Laughter Yoga is even that much better. It really gets the lymph moving.

Adapted from an article by Sue Ansari RN, BS, CLT-LANA


Written by Ms. Bliss

December 7, 2011 at 3:54 pm

Ode to “5”

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Throughout my life I have been attracted to all sequences of numbers that reduce down to the number five, and one of my favorite numbers ever is the number 23. (2+3=5). When I see such a sequence of numbers, or the number five itself, it makes me smile. I take this as an omen that something good is coming my way.

 Of course, this whole attraction to the number five could be a case of the “chicken or the egg” in that I look for these numbers because five happens to be my birth number and I am unconsciously tapping into them, ignoring all the others. In this case, it could be argued, I learned at an early age what my birth number is, and five made a favorable imprint on me. Therefore, I choose to smile when I see five because, in essence, it is me.

Or, it could simply be that I am in tune, happily vibrating to the number five, noticing it’s cameo appearances throughout the real-time script that is my life. Again, however, this suggests that five and me are one and the same. 

Either way, over the years, I’ve put a lot of thought into the meaning of the number five. A lot of time philosophising about its significance in my own life and it’s impact.

When I was younger, I learned that the number five could be interpretred as a “chaotic vibration.” In numerology, the number five describes instability and unpredictability. All of these things seemed to have negative connotations to me, and actually made me fearful  of the number at first. But then…life happens. And you grow and you learn. And in my case, I’ve taken this number very seriously to the point that I have a new interpretation.  

I like to think of “5” as pushing the boundaries in order to realize it’s full potential. Five never settles for what anyone says things should be like. Five knows there is more out there. Five is not chaos–it is being in a place where you are ready to “go on.”

While four is stagnation and boredom, a taking for granted one’s station in life, five is the awareness of that boredom and the action that results to change it.

A shift.

A change.

A marked difference from the established old rules.

Five is new–but not new. It is the traditional new–it builds upon four’s solid foundations to keep what was working, and it tears down four’s apathy and redesigns what wasn’t working.

Five infuses new energy into the structure and five asks, “what else can this be? What have we overlooked before (befour)? What were we afraid to bring forth (fourth) up until now? What new stories must be told? What new cycles unfold? Where can we go from here?”

Five is scary to a four. Five is has the spirit of a pioneer and with that, comes responsibility.

Five is the new age.

Five is the counterculture.

Five is the new one.

Beautiful, bold and brazen. Revolutionary.

And six? Six is the culmination of “right rewards.”

But five is the courage to make six happen.

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December 6, 2011 at 3:03 pm

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Free Hugs!

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Your fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra, or in Sanskrit, known as Anahata is all about love. This is the place where loving energy flows from you and toward you. Your sense of compassion, caring giving and cherishing others, and yourself, rests here.

When Anahata is balanced, you know how to give and receive love. When you feel withdrawn or lonely, critical, irritable or just plain lack empathy or compassion, your heart chakra is blocked.

Of course you should focus on balancing all of your chakras. However, because so many aspects of life correspond to this chakra, with love being so central to human consciousness I feel the heart chakra is the most important one to have balanced. Also, by virtue of its location, this chakra is located at the mid point on your energy system, it could be said Anahata is the midway point between heaven and earth. So when this chakra is balanced, it makes it easier to balance all the others.

If you feel your heart chakra is blocked, simply hug someone and say nothing. As you are hugging, focus your thoughts on your green heart chakra as it opens to give and to receive love, and a green light radiating out from your heart center, enveloping you and the person you are hugging in a wash of love energy.

Written by Ms. Bliss

August 31, 2011 at 9:15 am

Ms. Bliss is on YouTube!

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First, let me admit this decision was not all pollyanna sunshine…

I had a personal youtube account that was recently deleted. It seems that a while back, Google bought out youtube and now all subscribers must log in with their Google accounts, which I did not have. After spending days in frustration trying to figure out how to set up a Google account and connect the two, I aparently “accidentally” deleted my Google account–which I did not realize I already had! Gah! So, along with this account went all of my family videos, old training videos, rants, recipes, etc…I tried to recover it, but this is the message I received:

“At Google, we take your privacy and security seriously. We’re committed to returning accounts only when we’re sure we’re giving them back to the accounts’ owners. Unfortunately, based on the information you provided, we were unable to verify that you own this account. To ensure that we are not compromising the security of the data, we can’t return the account at this time.”

Double GAH!!!!! I was so upset, because I recently had a dream in which I was told that this would happen. Upon waking, I recall thinking that I needed to backup all of my video files that were on youtube. But I never listened to myself and here I am living the reality of that premonition. 😦

I did what any intuitive does when she is distressed…I consulted my Guides.

I realized that I was looking at this situation all wrong. In fact, I was guided to view this as a learning opportunity. I realized that I was overlooking resources available to me and that the Universe was offering me a chance to start anew. It occured to me that I needed to create an channel for Follow Your Bliss! Yep…that’s right! Ms. Bliss (that’s me!) is taking the plunge into the youtube community where I will be offering training and tips on living a blissed out and balanced life!

Perhaps I will use this story to illustrate the importance of FOLLOWING YOUR INTUITION by TAKING NECESSARY ACTION.  🙂

At any rate, I hope to see you there!


Written by Ms. Bliss

August 28, 2011 at 2:11 pm

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Negative Ions…Oh So Good For You!

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We live in an electrical environment; the air around us is filled with naturally occurring electrically charged particles—either positive or negative. In our modern, industrialized society, however, far more positive ions are present in our environment, created by electronic devices, cigarette smoke and other pollutants and highly processed, manufactured foods. Once these positive ions enter our bodies, they turn into free radicals, which, as you may know, are toxic to the body, weakening cell structure and causing premature aging. In fact, people with a lot of free radicals in their systems tend to look aged, experience more headaches, fatigue, increased blood acidity and blood pressure, a tensed nervous system and a host of other effects.

 We can fight the effects of free radicals by immersing ourselves in nature, eating natural, wholesome foods, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of fresh water. Sometimes, though, incorporating all of these elements every day is not possible. Recent research has found that by introducing negative ions into our systems, we can repair damage caused by free radicals. Negative ions seem to neutralize free radicals, revitalize cell metabolism and strengthen cell structure. In addition, negative ions purify the blood, allowing for greater oxygenation, balance the autonomic nervous system by relaxing the nerves and promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion. They also enhance the immune system and protect the body and mind from the harmful effects of environmental stress.

 So….how do you integrate negative ions into your environment? There are a few ways. First, by following the suggestions above is a good start, but also by reducing your exposure to positive ions such as by avoiding environments that are highly manufactured (such as office buildings) and reducing levels of stress.

 A simple way to add negative ions to your space is by making your own room diffuser or an oil heater. Relatively simple and affordable, room diffusers are a subtle way to enhance the peacefulness of any indoor environment and I highly suggest one if you work in an office. Negative ions introduced into the environment in this manner will purify your air, killing bacteria and you have the added benefit of a lighter mood.

 Scents high in negative ions include the following: bergamot, cypress, pine, cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood, orange, grapefruit and lemon. You can mix any of these to create a custom blend to suit you, or use any of these single scents in your diffuser.

 How to Make a Reed Diffuser

1. Add essential oil and fragrance grade dipropylene glycol to the glass bottle (experiment until you get the right proportions. You may want to look up some essential oil recipes on the interwebs to get you started…) Don’t fill the bottle completely full. There must be enough space so that when you put in the diffuser reeds the liquid doesn’t spill over the top.

 2. Put the cap on the bottle and mix by gently turning the bottle upside down a few times.

 3. Remove the cap and insert the diffuser reeds, fanning them out as shown in the photo above. It may take several hours for the oil to wick all the way up the reeds and diffuse the scent into the room. You can “refresh” your reed diffuser by flipping over the reed sticks every few weeks.

Rainbow Diet

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Balanced Nutrition for Optimal Health

Eating a rainbow a day can have lasting health benefits for the physical and energetic bodies!

Everyone knows that to eat a variety of foods ensures optimal nutrition but with the constant changes in recommendations for a “balanced diet,” many of us are left confused and, frankly, apathetic. The easiest way I know of to get a true, balanced daily intake of nutritious foods is to “eat a rainbow”–no, not a bag of the rainbow-colored candies, but a vibrant mixture of fresh, real and wholesome foods. Not only do you ensure intake of minerals and vitamins in this way, but did you know you also are nurturing your energy field when you eat a rainbow?

The wisdom in this lies in the fact that the rainbow is important to our vitality on so many levels. For one, the body’s energy system is reflected as such in our chakra system. Because our energy bodies contain the full spectrum of light rays, our responses to color can tell us a lot about what our physical bodies need at any given moment in time. For instance, when you find you are drawn to a particular color, your energy field is in need of that particular vibration and all it represents. And just the opposite for colors you reject; your subconscious is feeling overloaded by that particular vibration and is pushing it away. Pay attention to the colors of the foods you are instinctively drawn to and you may be surprised by what your Higher Self is leading you towards.

Here is a quick breakdown of the spectrum of food and the needs they meet:

Color Foods Vitamins & Nutrients Benefits
Red Strawberries, cherries, meat, nuts, beets, radishes, peppers, tomatoes, chillies Iron, Fatty acids Red vibrations increase energy levels and vitality. Lack of red foods are shown through anemia, light-headedness and lack of stamina.  
Orange Oranges, melons, pumpkin, peppers, carrots, oats, brown rice, sesame seeds, shellfish, peaches, apricots Vitamin A, calcium, copper, selenium, zinc Orange foods help to detoxify the body and release stress. Constipation is a physical symptom of lack of orange foods, but so is any blockage to one’s creativity (artist’s and writer’s block, for instance) as well as stiffness in muscles and joints.  
Yellow Bananas, grapefruit, lemons, corn and other grains, squash, peppers, eggs, oils, butter and other healthy fats Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, sodium, potassium, selenium, idodine, chromium, magnese Yellow foods combat irritability, tension, poor memory, restlessness digestive problems and they help the immune system, improve depression and help overcome feelings of hopelessness or worry.  
Green Leafy greens, apples, pears, avocados, kiwifruit, limes, cabbage, broccoli, kale, most herbs, leeks, spinach, All vitamins and minerals Lack of green vibration creates depression, feelings of being trapped, breathing difficulties and a lack of self value. Many leafy greens are considered bitters which helps the liver detoxify and keeps the digestive system in balance.  
Blue and Violet Plums, blueberries, black grapes, kelp and all seaweed, asparagus, purple sprouting broccoli, eggplant, St. John’s Wort, purple basil Iodine, Vitamin E, Potassium Blue foods help the voice, glands and organs of the neck and communication skills. Violet vibrations effect the workings of the mind. **Violet serves to create illusion, so be aware that certain foods act in a violet way. For instance, alcohol, additives, sugar and most GMO foods fall into this category. Violet vibrations are also used in healing or ceremonies (peyote, for instance) and foods that fall in this category must be used with care and respect, or they can be very damaging to one’s body. 

 *Table adapted from Crystal, Color and Chakra Healing by Sue and Simon Lilly, 2006.